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The CD's
The Liszt Ferenc Chorus has recorded 11 CD’s.
The CD’s cost € 12.00 each (excluding postage).
A sampler CD (CD 12) is also available at the price of € 4.00 (excluding postage).

CD 1: Hungarian Passion Music:
Liszt: Via crucis, Mosonyi: Libera me,
Kodály: Pange lingua, Lisznyay: Canzonetta I en
Szent István fantázia [Jan Raas, organ]
Emergo Classics EC 3964-2

CD 2: Caecilia:
Mosonyi: Ave verum en Ave Maria, Liszt: Inno a Maria Vergine,
Cantantibus organis, Beati pauperes spiritu, Quasi cedrus, Santa Cecilia,
Ave verum corpus Christi
Art & Sound Classics ASC69101

CD 3: Mihály Mosonyi:
F-dur Messe, Graduale, Offertorium, Pater noster

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CD 4: Johann Michael Haydn:
Schäfer Kantate en Missa pro defunctis

CD 5: Mihály Mosonyi:
Graduale, Offertorium, F – Dur Messe, Pater Noster,
Ave verum, Ave Maria
Hungaroton Classic 31826

CD 6: Mihály Mosonyi:
Jubilate Deo, 4th Mass in A, Lauda Sion, Libera me;

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CD 7: Mihály Mosonyi:
Jubilate Deo, 4th Mass in A, Lauda Sion, Libera me
Hungaroton Classic 32009

CD 8: Liszt:
Missa solennis zur Einweihung der Basilika in Gran für Soli, Chor und Orchester (Graner Messe) S.9

CD 9: Mihály Mosonyi:
Mass No 1 in C-major, Szentelt hantok, Libera,
Gróf Batthyány: Lajos emlékének
Chor und Orchester

CD 10: Mihály Mosonyi:
Mass No. 1 in C major
Consecrated Graves
In memoriam Count Lajos Batthyány
with soloists, choir and orchestra
Hungaroton Classic HCD 32152

CD 11: Géza Frid:
Choral Works
with Hanna Devich, piano, and choir
Hungaroton Classic HCD 32362

CD 12: Liszt Ferenc Chorus Sampler:
Mihály Mosonyi: Excerpts from Masses 1 t/m 4; Ave Maria
Franz Liszt: Quasi cedrus
Johann Michael Haydn: Lux aeterna, uit Missa pro Defunctis